Officer Elections

Elections for Chairperson occurred in San Jose

Click below for the Purpose Structure and Function Handbook

Purpose Structure and Function Handbook

Council Chairperson is Mary M.

Thank you Mary for your continued support of NCCAA. We look forward to 2 more years of momentum.

The Council Chairperson is elected at the Spring Conference of the EVEN
numbered years and serves a two (2) year term. This office is restricted to no more
than two (2) consecutive terms, four (4) years.
(Voted in Rocklin CA June 2019 by the delegates)
The Council Chairperson should have experience serving with NCCAA in any
capacity. Experience with the Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions and Twelve
Concepts, as well as other service positions. It is recommended that the Council
Chairperson have a minimum of ten (10) years continuous sobriety,
The Council Chairperson should have the time available to perform the duties of
conducting the business of the Council in presenting the three Conferences
each year and work closely with the Treasurer and the Secretaries.
The Council Chairperson may delegate any, or all, of the Chairperson’s
responsibilities to one or any of the Secretaries, or in cases of necessity to any
responsible A.A. member. The Council Chairperson shall, however, assume full
responsibility for any functions so delegated. If the Chairperson is unable to
assume the duties of the Council, one of the Secretaries will act as Chairperson
until a special election can be held.