Officer Elections

Elections for Treasurer will be held in Fresno 2023. Nominations will be at the Steering Committee Meeting Saturday October 14th @ 8:00 AM. Once nominations are made the Election will occur at the Delegate’s Meeting Saturday October 14th @ 11:00 AM.

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Purpose Structure and Function Handbook

Council Treasurer

The Council Treasurer is elected at the Spring Conference of the ODD numbered
years and serves a two (2) year term. This office is restricted to no more than two
(2) consecutive terms.
(Voted in Foster City CA March 2019 by the delegates)
It is recommended that the Council Treasurer has experience serving with
NCCAA. Experience with the Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions and Twelve
Concepts. As well as other A.A. service positions as a treasurer with appropriate
financial background with a minimum of eight (8) years continuous sobriety.
The Treasurer should have the time available to be responsible for all Council
funds and to work very closely with the Council Chairperson. A Financial Report
of each Conference is to be prepared and presented at the Pre/Post Conference
meeting following the Conference and at the next Conference Steering Committee
A Financial Statement as June 30 and December 31 of each year is to be
prepared. Each of these financial statements will be reviewed and approved at a
meeting of all the officers of the Northern California Council, as soon as possible
after completion, and each is to be published in the next available issue of the
Good News.
The books of the Council shall be available to any AA member or group for
inspection at anytime.
The Treasurer may delegate any, or all, of the above responsibilities to one or any
of the Secretaries, or in case of necessity, to any responsible AA member. The
Treasurer shall, however, assume full responsibility for any functions so delegated.
If the Treasurer is unable to assume the duties of the Council, a temporary
Treasurer will be selected by the Chairperson until a special election can be held.