Concessions Committee

This committee is not required at most conferences; this is determined by whether or not a convention center permits us to operate our own food concessions.

If a snack bar is allowed, a dynamic chairperson/co-chairperson, preferable with experience, should be chosen.

Arrange for donations of cakes, cookies, etc., if permissible with contract of convention center.  Details should be worked out at Host Committee meetings with the local Conference Chairperson who in turn must obtain the approval of the NCCAA Chairperson before any plans are implemented.

An itemized estimate of all foods, beverages, and supplies to be purchased for the snack bar should be submitted to the NCCAA Chairperson for his/her approval six weeks prior to the conference.

Normally, attendees purchase tickets to exchange for food purchases.  This will minimize having cash spread around the concession area; these tickets will be provided to the committee by the NCCAA Chairperson.