Volunteer Committee

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The Volunteer Committee is responsible for gathering and maintaining a list of people who would like to volunteer at the Conference. The Chairperson and Co-Chair will need to attend varies meetings throughout the region to acquire a broad range of volunteers. The list of volunteers should include names, type of volunteer work, availability and contact details. The Conference requires hundreds of volunteers, so it is important to get as many volunteers as possible.

When committee chairpersons need additional volunteers, the Volunteer Chairperson furnishes the list with the names and phone numbers of prospective volunteers.

The Volunteer Committee maintains contact with the individuals on the volunteer list to let them know that they will be contacted for future service for the conference.  All volunteers must register for the conference. If a volunteer is unable to pay for registration they will be added to the sponsorship list for a donated registration.

The Volunteer Committee also has a table at the conference to gather names of people at the Conference that would like to volunteer and assist other Committee should they need additional volunteers.

The Volunteer Committee will need to make the list of Volunteers available to all Committees at the Host Committee meetings or by working with the Host Secretary to distribute via email.

The Chair and/or Co-Chair need to be at the Conference on Friday at Noon to help set up the Conference.

All volunteers should wear the Host Committee Ribbons and be appropriately dressed.

All volunteers for the Volunteers Committee need to register for the conference – The conference is self-supporting and all need to register to make certain that the conference continues to be self-supporting.