History part III

NCCAA  – History (cont.)

The new General Service Assembly formed a committee of nine, representing all districts in the area. The members were:

Chairman (Delegate) ———————————————————————– Nic N., Berkeley
Treasurer ——————————————- Ray H. of the Pacific Heights Group San Francisco
Secretary ————————————————— Paul G. of the Sea Cliff Group, San Francisco
District 1: North of San Francisco, including Santa Rosa —- Louise M. of the San Anselmo Group
District 2: Eureka, North of Santa Rosa ————————————————- Nellie L., Eureka
District 3: San Francisco —————————————————- Rita C. of the Analam Group
District 4: East Bay ———————————————————- Bill S. of the Piedmont Group
District 5: South of San Francisco, including San José ————- Martin K. of the San José Group
District 6: South of San José ——————————————– Jack F. of the Santa Cruz Group

The next significant Conference of the Council was held September 8 and 9, 1951, at the Monterey County Fairgrounds Auditorium. The five Peninsula AA Groups; Monterey, Pacific Grove, Carmel, Cypress and Seaside were outstanding hosts and upward of 400 AA’s attended. The opening event was an open house and dance in the Pacific Grove Women’s Club on Saturday night, September 8. Regular sessions, which began Sunday morning at the fairgrounds, featured an afternoon address by Mickey A., a member of the Nolano Group of the East Bay, a group of non-alcoholic spouses of AA members. Mickey was the first non-alcoholic wife to be asked to appear on a Council program.

This Monterey Conference was chaired by Walter H. of Santa Rosa. Our Delegate, Nic, raised the question of the future relations between AA and the growing Family Group movement, and this was the principal point of discussion. Nic announced the need for material support for the New York office and the AA Grapevine, and he revealed that Bill W. and Bernard S., the non-alcoholic Chairman of the General Service Board, were going to visit to the San Francisco Bay Area on October 29 and 30, 1951. They were coming to accept the Lasker Award, to be conferred by the American Public Health Association at its 79th Annual Convention at the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco on October 30, 1951. The year 1951 marked the Sixth Annual Presentation of the Lasker Awards by the American Public Health Association to individuals and groups for outstanding contributions in research and for distinguished service in the field.

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