Registration Committee

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The Registration committee is responsible for the Registration table at the Conference. The registration table collects money for door registration, delivery of the printing of Pre-Registration badges and designing the background for the conference badges. Recruitment 35 – 45 volunteers will be needed to work in shifts (approximately 2 hours each) at the conference.

The NCCAA Treasurer will purchase all the badges for the conference and will reimburse the cost of ink for printing badges. The list of Pre-registration names for badges will be sent by the NCCAA Treasurer about one to two weeks before the conference.

The design of the badges will need to be presented at a Host Committee Meeting to be approved by the Host Committee. NCCAA will provide prior badge examples for reference. The final badge design should be approved 8 weeks before the conference.

The Chair and/or Co-Chair and part of the committee should have a group of people come to the conference at Noon on Friday to assist in setting up the registration table and training to accept payments.

Registration Hours:

Friday 2pm – 8:15pm

Saturday 9am – 8:15pm

Sunday 9am – 11am

The Chairperson or Co-chairperson should be on hand throughout the conference to make sure that each shift is covered as planned.

Chairperson to provide their schedule of volunteers with names and phone numbers to NCCAA Chairperson and Local Host Committee Chairperson 1 month prior to the conference. Also, contacting all persons scheduled 1 week prior to confirm their attendance.

The Chair and/or Co-Chair need to be at the Conference on Friday at Noon to help set up the Conference.

All volunteers should wear the Host Committee Ribbons and be appropriately dressed.

All volunteers for the Registration Committee need to register for the conference – The conference is self-supporting and all need to register to make certain that the conference continues to be self-supporting