Facilities and Cleanup Committee

Chairperson of this committee must work closely with the local Conference Chairperson and the NCCAA Chairperson to provide services NOT COVERED BY THE CONFERENCE CENTER CONTRACT.

They may provide whatever clean-up may be necessary between meetings (inside and outside the convention center), sweeping, setting up chairs, tables, and picking up empty coffee cups or other trash, etc.

The committee members may be required to clean the area after the conference has ended according to the requirements of the facilities contact.

Even if clean-up is not required, the lobby, main hall, and meeting rooms should be carefully checked to make sure that all of the conference equipment and supplies have been brought to a central area for pick up the morning the conference ends.  All of the NCCAA officers will help so that a thorough job is done.

Contact the NCCAA Chairperson to make sure that a representative of the next NCCAA conference will be on hand at the end of the conference to collect and transport all signs, free drawing equipment and supplies to the city/town where the next conference is to be held.