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The Good News Newsletter is one of the nation’s oldest conference related AA newsletters with the first issue of the Good News published in January 1951.  Conference and other information has been published in this publication for the purpose of continuing to carry the message long after the conference has ended. Many have found the information printed here very useful and it helps to keep them informed of upcoming conferences, member sobriety birthdays, northern california regional information and more. It has also provided a format for interested individuals to submit information about their area and local groups.

Here now! – Every Good News publication currently in Arcives will now be published here in Digital version. That means if you didn’t have time to peruse the past publications on display at your attendance of one of the conferences, you can now view them from the comfort of your own home, coffee shop, office or wherever you can connect to the internet. There is a wealth of information and history to enjoy and hopefully keep you coming back! Click Here For Download Page

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