Decorations Committee

The Decoration Chairperson and Co-Chairperson will preferably with some experience in floral design although it is not a requirement. The suggested decorations below can be changed only after discussing the decorations in detail with the NCCAA Chairperson and the Local Conference Chairperson.

The decorations are awarded to the winners of the free drawing on Saturday night after the speaker meeting.  They are to be picked up after the speaker meeting on Sunday morning.

The Decorations Chairperson should obtain two itemized written estimates of the cost of the potted plants, the floral sprays, the corsages/boutonnieres and get them, along with his/her recommendation, to the NCCAA Chairperson for his/her approval six weeks prior to the Conference.  Nothing should be purchased until the NCCAA Chairperson has approved the estimated cost of the flowers; NCCAA has a budget of $300.00 not to exceed unless approved by the NCCAA chairperson in advance of purchases.

The Decoration Chairperson will make arrangements for the following decorations:

Corsages/ boutonnieres for the women and men who participate in the four main speaker meetings

The floral sprays on each of the two tables on the stage, as well as two floral sprays to be placed on each side of the NCCAA blue sign.

About six potted plants are used on the stage in front of the tables.

The Chairperson or Co-Chairperson should be on hand before each speaker meeting to retrieve and pin the corsages/boutonnieres on the meeting participants.