Outreach Committee

The Outreach Chairperson and Co-Chairperson will need a committee (20 or more) for the purpose of making conference announcements at AA meetings (individual and fellowships), Intergroup, H & I and General Service meetings (in the immediate local and outlying areas). This committee should also have representative(s) of the Spanish speaking community.

Each committee member should be responsible for attending and making announcements at certain meetings each week beginning at least one month prior to the conference.

Conference flyers should be taken to each meeting and handed out upon request. Pre-registration should be encouraged until a week before the conference. Registration forms should only be mailed to the address shown on the conference flyer or members may register online at norcalaa.org.

They are also responsible for arranging for a Pre-Registration Table at the prior conference, having a group of people attend the conference before to encourage participation and pre-registration.