Marathon Meetings Committee (English & Spanish)

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Separate English and Spanish speaking Chairpersons and Co-Chairpersons should be selected.  These individuals should set up separate schedules for their Marathon Meetings; the convention center contracts are specific about when we may begin occupying these rooms each day and when all rooms in the convention center must be vacated each day.

The chairpersons for the Spanish meetings should work with Spanish Liaison to NCCAA to help coordinate the meetings and participation from the area.

The NCCAA Chairperson, with the assistance from the Local Conference Chairperson will select the rooms for the marathon meetings. A schedule will be created by the NCCAA Chairperson based on the room availability and coordinated so that Marathon Meetings cease when speaker meetings are occurring in the main room.

The Chairpersons need to recruit secretaries and speakers for each marathon meeting. The marathon meeting schedules should be sent to the NCCAA Chairperson for review at least 1 month prior to the conference. The Marathon Meeting schedule will be made available at the conference to attendees.

The Chairperson or Co-Chair should contact all persons scheduled 1 week prior to confirm their attendance.

The Chairpersons or Co-chairpersons should be on hand throughout the conference to make sure that each meeting is held as planned and fill in if someone does not show up. The Chair and/or Co-Chair need to be at the Conference on Friday at Noon to help set up the Conference.

The NCCAA Treasurer will make up envelopes for all Marathon Meetings to collect the 7th Tradition. The Chairperson or Co-Chair will need to pick up the envelopes from the Marathon Meeting. The Chairperson and the Co-Chair will need to develop a plan with the Host Committee Treasurer and NCCAA Treasurer before the conference for the safe and timely transfer of these envelopes to the Host Treasurer or the NCCAA Treasurer.

The Chair and/or Co-Chair need to be at the Conference on Friday at Noon to help set up the Conference.

All volunteers should wear the Host Committee Ribbons and be appropriately dressed.

All volunteers for the Marathon Meetings Committee need to register for the conference – The conference is self-supporting and all need to register to make certain that the conference continues to be self-supporting.