Marathon Meetings Committee

Separate English and Spanish speaking chairpersons and co-chairpersons should be selected.  These individuals should set up separate schedules for their Marathon Meetings; the convention center contracts are specific about when we may begin occupying these rooms each day and when all rooms in the convention center must be vacated by us each day.

The chairpersons for the Spanish meetings should work with Spanish Liaison to NCCAA to help coordinate the meetings and participation from the outlining areas.

The NCCAA Chairperson with the assistance from the Local Conference Chairperson will select the rooms for the marathon meetings.

The Chairpersons need to recruit secretaries and/or speakers for each marathon meeting. The marathon meeting schedules should be reviewed with the NCCAA Chairperson before being printed up and made available to conference attendees.

The Chairpersons or Co-chairpersons should be on-hand throughout the conference to make sure that each meeting is held as planned.

The Chairpersons should contact the Treasurer for the envelopes to be used for the 7th Tradition listing the date, times, and other identifying features for each marathon meeting.

The Chairpersons should develop a plan with the Host Committee Treasurer before the conference for the safe and timely transfer of these envelopes to the Host Treasurer/designated representative, or the NCCAA Treasurer.