Concessions/Hospitality Suite/Hospitality Table Committee

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CONCESSIONS/Hospitality Suite – This committee varies depending on the venue. If the venue is a hotel conference center, a hotel suite could be rented to accommodate a Hospitality Suite. If the venue is at a Fairgrounds or similar venue where a Concession area is available a snack bar will be set up with food and drink.

If a snack bar is allowed, a chairperson/co-chairperson, preferably with experience, should be chosen.

There can be sandwiches, wraps, baked goods, snacks, coffee and soda and water available for sale. Details should be worked out at Host Committee meetings with the local Conference Chairperson who in turn must obtain the approval of the NCCAA Chairperson before any plans are implemented.

An itemized estimate of all foods, beverages, and supplies to be purchased for the snack bar should be submitted to the NCCAA Chairperson for his/her approval six weeks prior to the conference.

If a Hospitality Suite is available donations of cakes, cookies, snacks etc., to be made available for the suite. The suite should be manned by volunteers to ensure that the suite is neat and that quiet times are observed. Coffee can sometimes be available if this is approved by the NCCAA Chairperson and Venue.

Hospitality Table is a table in the main area of the conference. This table should have information about the local area including menus and locations of restaurants and coffee shops. In many areas the local Chamber of Commerce, Convention Centers, Visitors Bureau can help in providing information about the conference area and supplying materials (check to see if there is any cost for the materials, though).  The material that will be available should be made available and discussed at the Host Committee meetings to ensure that the material is appropriate for the NCCAA Conference.

Volunteers are needed for all areas covered in this committee. The Hospitality Table will need 6 – 10 volunteers to cover all shifts. For the Hospitality Suite and Concessions 12 – 20 volunteers will be needed.

The Chair and/or Co-Chair need to be at the Conference on Friday at Noon to help set up the Conference.

All volunteers should wear the Host Committee Ribbons and be appropriately dressed.

All volunteers for the Hospitality Committee need to register for the conference – The conference is self-supporting and all need to register to make certain that the conference continues to be self-supporting.