Dance Committee

The Dance Chairperson and Co-Chairperson will make the arrangements for disc jockey or to provide the music at the Saturday night dance. They will also be responsible for having people available to check for badges for anyone entering the dance.

Contact the NCCAA Chairperson to confirm, NCCAA has a budget of $300.00. If the cost of the DJ will exceed that, the committee may hold a fundraiser or pass an extra basket during the planning meetings. The committee is requested to audition disc jockeys to make sure that all types of music are provided. Prospective disc jockeys should be screened (through references) for their reliability and previous business practices to confirm they show up on time and perform to contract. The NCCAA Chairperson must sign the contract for the DJ or band so it should be given or mailed at least two months prior to the Conference. NOTE:  The Northern California Council of Alcoholics Anonymous does not tolerate music glorifying drug or alcohol abuse or violence at its dances.

Badges will be required for entrance into the dance. About 8 10 monitors should be positioned at the entrances to the dance to check for badges.