7th Tradition Committee

The Chairperson and Co-Chairperson will need approximately twenty-five volunteers to serve on this committee.

Enough volunteers should be on hand at each meeting to ensure that the 7th Tradition buckets are passed throughout the occupied portions of the auditorium in an expeditious manner so as not to delay the meetings unnecessarily. In the format read by each meeting chairperson or moderator, the 7th Tradition is listed for a specific time during the meeting.

The person serving as Chairperson of the 7th Tradition Committee for a given meeting and the meeting chairperson or moderator should communicate before the meeting to make sure that they are both aware of when the 7th Tradition will be observed.

An approximate number of the volunteers needed to pass the buckets at meetings in the main hall is as follows:

Friday afternoon, Saturday morning and early afternoon (1-2:30 p.m.), and Sunday morning service meeting:  5 volunteers each meeting.

Friday night, Young People’s, Saturday night, and Sunday morning speaker meetings:  6-8   volunteers.

In addition to the speaker meetings, the 7th Tradition should be taken at all General Service and H&I meetings and marathon meetings during the conference.

Either the Chairperson or the Co-Chairperson should be present each time the 7th Tradition is taken to transfer the buckets to the Host Treasurer/designated representative or the NCCAA Treasurer.