Free Drawing Committee

The chairperson for the host committee free drawing should select a co-chair to assist in their duties.

Arrange for volunteers 4-8 or more as needed, per shift- 2 at table and roamers) to handle the distribution of the free drawing tickets during the conference. One free ticket to be given to attendees, if requested. Shifts may be in 2 hour periods from 2:00 pm on Friday until 8:00 PM on Saturday. 1 to 2 volunteers selling from the table during all shifts to ensure safety of all the gifts.

Duties will include ensuring prizes are locked in the treasury room by 10:00 PM on Friday and then brought back to the table by 9:00 AM on Saturday; ensure tickets are not sold after the Serenity Prayer of any meeting or workshop held in the main hall or marathon meeting rooms to uphold AA traditions. Volunteers will be needed to bring gifts to the stage after Saturday speaker and one volunteer to pull the tickets. Baskets work well for prizes. Ask groups or members to donate (money, literature, trinkets, coffee cups, Grapevine subscription, etc…) to make a theme basket. Please do not ask outside companies or businesses to donate.

Work closely with the NCCAA secretary who over sees the free drawing prizes that NCCAA purchases. NCCAA provides a budget up to $300.00 worth of prizes, plus no more than 6 prizes from the local host committee, and stage plants or flowers for the free drawing. Plants or flowers arrangements can be picked up Sunday after the main speaker.