PROGRAM – The NCCAA Chairperson selects the readers and meeting chairpersons or may choose to delegate those responsibilities (except for the Early Bird Meeting), and contacts the speakers that the Speaker Selection and Steering Committees have recommended

CONFERENCE FUNDS AND LIABILITY – NCCAA assumes all liability and pays the expenses for the Conference. All leases, contracts, or other agreements must be approved and signed by the NCCAA Chairperson.

FLYERS – Conference flyers, programs, and pre-registration forms will be printed and distributed by NCCAA. The Conference Chairperson should assist in the distribution in the area as much as possible.

NCCAA DELEGATES AND GOOD NEWS TABLE – The NCCAA will have a table to register all NCCAA Group Delegates and Steering Committee Members. They will be given a blue ribbon for purposes of voting at the Open Delegates Business Meeting on Saturday morning from 11-12:30pm. The NCCAA will also have a table for the Good News Newsletter.

PUBLICITY – The NCCAA Chairperson (or one of their Secretaries) will arrange for coverage in local papers, radio and TV by mailing news releases to stations within a 50 – 100 mile radius of the convention locale (depending on the population density). Once the releases have been sent out it is up to the discretion of the individual radio and TV stations or newspaper personnel as to how often the news releases are run.

NCCAA OFFICER(S) ATTENDANCE AT LOCAL CONFERENCE COMMITTEE MEETINGS – Various NCCAA Officers will attend several of the local committee meetings to assist the local committees in implementing plans for their conference.