Archives 1963-64

In 1963, Two starts in the Dominican Republic
Two A.A. groups begin to meet regularly in Santo Domingo in the spring of 1963. One, the Spanish-speaking Grupo Santa Mercedes, grows from two to 18 members by the end of the year. G.S.O. New York lists as the contact person Abe F., who is also one of two men in the second group, for English speakers; this group, however, will last for only two years.

Here’s what was happening in NCCAA:

1963 Newsletters
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April Newsletter_1963-04-01.pdf
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June Newsletter_1963-06-01.pdf
July Newsletter_1963-07-01.pdf
September Newsletter_1963-09-01.pdf
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November Newsletter_1963-11-01.pdf
December Newsletter_1963-12-01.pdf

In 1964, there were start-ups in Sri Lanka

A Loner in the former Ceylon had been listed with G.S.O. New York since 1959, but not until 1964 is the first known A.A. group in the country formed. Its site is the capital city of Colombo, where a second group takes shape a year later. Soon A.A. spreads to other Sri Lankan locales.

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